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Samsung bashes jury foreman, wants new trial

While Apple remains a constant threat for Google in mobile, the Android maker is also worried about its most successful hardware partner: Samsung.

Google executives now fear that Samsung could use its massive clout to demand a bigger share of mobile ad revenue from search, the Wall Street Journal reports. Google offers Android free to manufacturers, but it shares search ad revenues with carriers and handset partners.

So far, Samsung has received around 10 percent of search revenue, a person familiar with Google’s deals told the WSJ. But it’s not hard to imagine that the company, which now holds 40 percent of the Android smartphone market, could demand a bigger share. As Samsung’s phone sales increase — it accounted for 39.6 percent of all smartphones shipped in 2012 (almost all of them Android phones), while Apple accounted for 25.1 percent, according to IDC — a bigger revenue share for…

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